Artist’s Book

Il Profeta – Kahlil Gibran – Ernesto Morales – Ed. Lindau

A new translation of the Prophet by Paola Giovetti, for which Ernesto Morales has created 28 suggestive black and white plates. The result is an extraordinary book of art and poetry.

Release: Ottobre 2021 – ISBN: 9788833536965
Pages: 160 – Preface: Paola Giovetti – Ernesto Morales
Texts: Jorge Luis Borges – Illustrations: by Ernesto Morales
Translations: Paola GiovettiFormat: 26,5×19Language: Italian

L’Aleph – Visioni parallele – Ernesto Morales – Ed. Barometz

An artist’s book by Ernesto Morales about “L’Aleph”, the famous story by Jorge Luis Borges. The book is limited edition, in unique copies, numbered and hand-finished with gold leaf.

Release: 22 march 2021 – ISBN: 9788833534671
Pages: 64 – Preface: Marco Marinacci – Ernesto Morales
Texts: Jorge Luis Borges – Illustrations: in color by Ernesto Morales
Translations: Ernesto Morales – Format: 30x20cm – Bilingual edition: Spanish / Italian

Trentatré Haiku – Basho – Ernesto Morales – Ed. Lindau

An artist’s book that combines the charm of the haiku of the Japanese master Matsuo Basho with that of the contemporary artistic language of Ernesto Morales.

  • Release: 22 ottobre 2020 ISBN: 9788833534671
  • Pages: 96 Preface: Ernesto Morales Poems: Matsuo Basho
  • Illustrations: in color by Ernesto Morales Translations: Fujimoto Yūko
  • Format: 26,5×19 Bilingual edition: Japanese – Italian

“Arbolecer” – Ernesto Morales – Valk Ed.

Enter an imaginary forest where the words escape. From the works of Ernesto Morales and the union of words anchored to preservation of nature Valk editions presents Arbolecer, an artist’s book of unique editions.

Book cover: black-covered tops with base 1.5mm cardboard, hand bound
with manual black stamping. Interior of 20 pages in Rive Design Natural White Paper 250 gs printed on digital offset